Third sector

Group supervision

Third sector organisations

We have several years’ experience in clinical and forensic settings. If you are a third sector organisation, we can offer you specialised support in a range of ways. Thus you can engage your employees and manage organisational change in a more effective way.


We offer training on various psychological topics, including Maintaining professional boundaries, Mental illness, personality disorders, and psychopathy, Attachment theory and its implications on working with challenging clients, Motivational interviewing, and Developing individualised care plans.

Larger organisations may wish to purchase the training manual so they can then train their own staff. This is a service that we offer.


We write psychological interventions that your staff can deliver themselves. Our manuals are evidence-based, and detailed notes are given to support staff every step of the way. Such interventions commonly focus on a specific issue, such as intimate partner violence and developing psychosocial skills (e.g. assertiveness), amongst others.

We do service evaluations, including of pilot projects. Having evidence that a service meets the planned outcomes will help your organisations be more successful in funding bids.